Best Sandals for Neuropathy

Neuropathy of the foot is quite a common problem suffered by many individuals who have some form of Neuropathy or even Diabetes. In individuals who have Neuropathy affecting their feet the most important factor for them is that their feet are always protected and that there is minimal pain.

Understanding Neuropathy

Neuropathy occurs when the outside protective cover or myelin sheath of your nerve cells, called neurons degenerate or become damaged. Without these proper insulation signals that are sent through your nerves become scrambled causing numbness, pain, and tingling or burning in the feet, legs, arms, and hands mostly. Causes of Nueropathy
  • Prescription Drugs – One of the major cuase of Neuropathy is certain presicription drugs, such as blood pressure abd cholesterol medications, along with some brands of antibiotics.
  • Diabetes – For Diabetics, higher than normal blood sugar levels in the body may result in Diabetic Neuropathy.
  • Chemotherapy – The radiation treatment and medications used in chemotherapy have also been documented as causes for Neuropathy.
  • Injuries – Sports injuries, accidents, and surgeries where the nerves are damaged or worked on may lead to Neuropathy, which may also only strat showing symptoms a few years later.
  • Toxins – The build-up of certain toxins in your body as a result of air and water pollution and preservatives in our food can Diabetic Neuropathy.

Types of Neuropathy

There are a few types of Neuropathy, the most general being been Neuropathy, which is the one most likely to affect your feet and legs.
  • Mononeuropathy – Only a single nerve is affected.
  • Multiple Mononeuropathy – Two or more nerves are individually affected.
  • Polyneuropathy – The most common form of Peripheral neuropathy which affects the generalized involvement of peripheral nerves.
  • Diabetic Neuropathy – Neuropathy caused by increased blood sugar levels in Diabetes.
  • Alcoholic Neuropathy – This one is quite self explanatory!
  • Idiopathic Neuropathy – Neuropathy of which the cuase is unknown.
  • Autonomic Neuropathy – Neuropathy affecting the intestinal tract, bladders and genitals.
  • Motor Neuropathy – The Nerves resoponsible for Volutary Movement is affected here.
  • Small Fiber Neuropathy – Here the nerves near the surface of the skin responsible for sensation is damaged.
  • Ulnar Neuropathyneuropathy affecting our Ulnar Nerve near the Ulnat bone in your lower arm.

Features of a Good Sandal for Neuropathy

  • A firm heel counter for motion control.
  • Preferably a closed toe area with a wide or flexible design.
  • Smooth lined straps that will not cause friction.
  • Gel or foam padding.
  • Good arch support.
  • High grip durable rubber outsole.

Reviews: The Best Sandals for Neuropathy

Below are our top rated sandal brands and models for Neuropathy;

Arch Support Neuropathy Sandal

Two casual and very comfortable Orthotic design sandals from Vionic the Stanley and Farra.
  • The Stanley is a slide on sandal that boasts smooth leather uppers and a lug rubber outsole, which offers excellent traction and grip.
  • The Farra has Faux leather upper of which you can choose either a smooth leather or patent leather option and and a few color variations.
  • The Farra model likewise has a wrapped EVA footbed along with a durable rubber outsole.
  • Both sandals feature a Podiatrist-designed Orthotic Arch support footbed which is ideal for Neuropathy and other foot conditions, and that offers cushioned comfort and support.


Neuropathy Sandals

I love Birkenstock sandal for any foot type, condition or deformity as they have a highly comfortable and supportive design along with adjustable uppers to accommodate any foot shape and type.
  • The Soft and supple full-grain leather uppers come in a rich brown color with a smooth finish and buckle closure for adjustability.
  • A lug and durable outsole that offers great grip and traction on a variety of floor surfaces.
  • A supportive and cushioned cork footbed that is covered in suede that wicks away moisture and is soft against the skin.
  • Additionally, there is EVA cushioning in the midsole for even better shock absorbency.


Fisherman’s Sandal Neuropathy

The Orthofeet Alpine and Naples extra depth Orthopppedic sandals which are ideal for individuals with conditions such as Neuropathy and arthritis.
  • Smooth and seamless interior with extra depth and wider width design for less pressure and irritation.
  • Wider widths available and has an extra depth design for more toe room.
  • The Ortho-Cushioning system is lightweight with an air cushioned sole for maximum comfort, shock absorbency, and support.
  • A thick and durable high traction rubber outsole.


Sports Sandal for Neuropathy

For sports and outdoor wear to the beach and gym I highly recommend the On The Go model from Skechers if you suffer from Neuropathy.
  • This shoe features the popular 5 Gen cushioning system that Skechers shoes offer.
  • There is a Shock absorbing lightweight midsole.
  • The durable outsole ensures good grip and traction.
  • The textile uppers ensure a comfortable and friction free fit that is gentle Neuropathic feet.
  • All in all a comfortable and lightweight design.


Neuropathy Sandal

The Timberland Pro Altamond and Caswell are two very comfortable and supportive Fisherman Style sandals that are great for outdoor use.
  • There is a durable rubber Multi-density outsole that offers great grip and traction.
  • A Removable multi-density anatomical footbed for comfort and excellent support while allowing you the use of your own orthotics.
  • This shoe is also lined with a climate controlling lining to keep your feet warm or cool as needed and to improve temperature control.
  • The nylon shank that provides support and shock dispersion, and is airport friendly.
  • A supportive polyurethane midsole and comfortable leather and synthetic uppers, ensure a much more durable and comfortable fit.
  • The Smart Comfort System technology gives you ergonomic and contoured support and comfort.
  • Available in a variety of color designs.


Sandal for Neuropathy

A comfortable and cushioned Flip Flop sandal recommended by podiatrist specifically to accommodate feet affected by conditions such as Diabetes and Neuropathy.
  • A Lightweight Outsole with good grip and a cushioned and lightweight EVA Midsole.
  • Excellent Arch support for all arch types.
  • Soft and smooth upper webbing.
  • Ergonomic and biomechanical design with a contoured shape for optimal comfort and support.

Index Table: Top Rated Sandals for Neuropathy

No.ProductMen ♂Women ♀FeaturesBrandScore
1Vionic® - Arch Support Neuropathy Sandal
  • Orthotic Arch Support
  • EVA Footbed
  • Neoprene Lining
2Birkenstock® - Neuropathy Sandals
  • Cushioned Cork Footbed
  • Genuine Leather Uppers
3Orthofeet® - Fisherman’s Sandal Neuropathy
  • Ortho-Cushioning
  • Extra Depth
  • Seamless
  • Wider Widths
4Skecers Sport® - Sports Sandal for Neuropathy
On the Go 600
On The Go 600
  • Lightweight
  • Cushioned
  • Wide Width Availability
Skecers Sport99
5Timberland® - Neuropathy Sandal
  • Anatomical Footbed
  • Climate Control
  • Rubber Outsole
6Everhealth® - Sandal for Neuropathy
  • Arch Support
  • Cushioned Podiatrist Designed

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